The Maw

The most endearing platforms and puzzles you've ever played



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The Maw is an interesting mix of platforms and puzzles with a childlike aesthetic. In it you have to accompany a friendly jelly ball on his crazy and fun adventures.

As you advance through the different levels, the purple creature, named Maw, will increase in size and acquire different special abilities needed to move on to the next level. Your job as his temporary master is to simply feed him correctly.

The game's graphics are really great to look at. Aside from being carefully detailed, they are as likely to captivate children as adults. The same goes for the endearing friendship between your alien character and Maw, who will make just about anyone fall in love with them.

The Maw is an entertaining game, although somewhat short and easy. However, if you really try to find all the secrets, you can make the most of the game.

You can only play the first level.

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